Monday, August 4, 2008


We can't believe it, but we entered Connecticut today! We are at Sarah's house in Easton tonight and we are coming home to Farmington tomorrow. We should be arriving at UCHC accompanied by Keat Sanford at around 4 PM! Can't wait to see everyone, and we will fill you in on our last five days.

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aviva said...

Congrats! I am really glad you accomplished the ride you set out to do. Not many people have the opportunity let alone the physical capability to do what you just did. now im curious: Do you feel that your ride made as much of an impact for the Foundation as you were hoping, do you feel that you made as much of a difference and out reach as you were hoping to? Second, how has riding a bicycle across the entire county changed your views (for better or for worse) of America? Third, what state really did have the best ice cream?
Congrats again.